• 3 Quick Meals for Life On the Go!

    I lead an extremely busy life, as most people these days seem to. And because of that I hardly have time to cook properly. Eventually, my friends show me a review of the west bend microwave and suggested I start doing a lot more quick cooking. I assumed this would lead to me only eating […]

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    Brazil is a nation of rich cultural heritage. Its people are proud and loud about their pride. Along with that Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful views, cities, and customs on the planet. They are famous for their obsession with soccer, producing one of the world’s greatest teams and some of the […]

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    One of the best parts of wilderness camping is finding your own dinner. Nothing brings you closer to nature and our ancient ancestors than living off the land. Whether it be foraging, fishing, or trapping, you will truly become one with the world. But thanks to generations of processed and cooked food, our bodies have […]

  • The Most Influential Cooking Shows of Our Generation Ranked!

    For some odd reason, our generation of viewers is completely infatuated with cooking shows. We long for the disapproving ‘tsk’ of a disapproving judge and we all mourned when Dianne took Ian’s baked Alaska out of the freezer. There is something really alluring about the world of cooking shows that keep us all going back […]