7 Expert Cooking Technqiues and How to Master Them

Cooking, unfortunately for some of us, is something that we all must learn to do as to stay alive and maintain good health we all must eat 3 meals a day. Some people are naturally gifted at cooking and the dishes they create look amazing to us amateurs. Some people spend long hours in the kitchen putting their blood, sweat, and tears into learning how to cook as it is something they are passionate about and want to perfect, but it is hard work as cooking can be so unpredictable. Usually, their hard work pays off with a stunning dish that people like me couldn’t even imagine creating. Many people who don’t have much experience cooking won’t be as comfortable in the kitchen and will opt to eat things like frozen pizzas and ready meals instead. While there is nothing wrong with that as it is cheap and convenient, most people would prefer to have a home-made delicious dinner.

One of the main differences between regular people who cook from scratch every night and those who will purchase pre-prepared meals is that the former usually have a much bigger array of equipment in their kitchen and usually better quality equipment too. This actually makes cooking much easier, if you have a blunt knife then you’ll struggle with kitchen basics like cutting an onion whereas those with good equipment will dice it up quickly and effortlessly. Upgrading your equipment will massively improve your kitchen skills but it can be costly. The main things in your kitchen that need to be high quality are your knives, your pans, and your microwave, if you want to buy an already tested microwave to ensure it’s good then reviews can be found at https://mikrowellen-tester.de/ to help you make the right choice. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional we’ve found 7 great cooking techniques that you all need to know about.


This is a technique that is an abbreviation for the French saying mise en place. This is one of the most vital cooking techniques that any cook should get into the habit of whilst they cook. It translates to mean that you should prepare all the ingredients you’re going to need and have them all in one place before you start cooking anything. This helps your control in the kitchen, instead of frantically trying to remember where you put the eggs, stressing in case you’re missing any ingredients, or allowing your meal to burn while you quickly chop up a pepper, you will have everything you need in one place so this technique takes a lot of the stress out of cooking.


Most people only flip their food when it’s pancake Tuesday and the whole family is in the kitchen seeing who will catch their pancake and who won’t. But, flipping your food is actually a really great technique for anything that you’re cooking. It can be hard to master the correct flick of the wrist and the first few times your food might end up flying everywhere. Once you do master this technique though it’ll ensure that all of your food cooks evenly and so will greatly improve your dishes.


Chefs hate nothing more than wasting food, instead of throwing food in the bin they’ll add it into another dish or create an entirely new dish. People who aren’t comfortable cooking will follow a recipe step by step making sure everything is the same, but one of the best techniques to make a fantastic meal is to experiment with other foods you have to see if the flavors work well together. If you don’t want to experiment with every dish then a good way to start experimenting is to try and create a dish at the end of the week with just the ingredients you have leftover from other meals that week.


While most people do prefer to cook with their ovens in their kitchens, some daring people try to think out of the box when it comes to cooking. A new cooking technique that may seem bizarre is also quite simple and it starting to catch on is using your fire in your living room to cook over. Generally, cooking over an open flame makes food more delicious but it is not safe for a standard home kitchen. So if you’re lucky enough to have a fire in your living room then give this a try.


Everyone knows that salt brings out the flavor in the dishes you cook, but most people either add too much or too little salt so it doesn’t add much to the meal. A great technique is to use an alternative for salt, for example, fermented agents as they add flavor and complexity.

Fry Food

Whilst many people are turning away from fried food because of related health concerns, there are new techniques that allow for tasty fried food that is much healthier than deep-frying. The best example is the air fryer, this has become extremely popular as it is much healthier and just as tasty.

Cooking Rice

Rice goes with many dishes and making it fluffy is one of the hardest things to cook. Luckily if you follow this technique you can make perfect rice every time, the secret is to sauté the rice in a little bit of olive oil before cooking.