The 5 Newest Innovations in Food Technology

Over the last few decades, almost every aspect of our lives has been improved due to new innovations made in technology. Every part of our daily schedule has been made easier by the powerful power that technology has. This includes food too. To some people, it may seem strange to use an abundance of tech when putting together what is arguably a straightforward process, but tech makes one of the most tedious tasks of the day far more straightforward and even more enjoyable. There is a large population of people out there that are absolute fanatics when it comes to all of the wacky and useful techs that have been made to make your kitchen experience a little bit easier and more exciting. There are thousands of bits of useful tech that you must have, but here are 5 of the newest innovations in food technology that you need to invest in as soon as you can.


Lab-grown meat

This is not necessarily a piece of technology, but it is a step forward in the world of food technology that you should definitely look into. The introduction of lab-grown meat has almost defeated the need to eat meat sourced by actual animals. This may be extremely unappealing for those who detest the taste and idea of vegetarian meat substitutes, but this is completely different. This meat tastes and looks exactly like ordinary meat and so is a great solution for those of you that are wanting to cut out meat but are not ready to lose its taste as part of your diet. Lab-grown meat is far more sustainable than meat that is cultivated from livestock or that is made through a combination of vegetables and fungi as you don’t need to raise animals or grow anything to make it. Plus it’s just an exciting prospect overall, who wouldn’t want to try food that has been made in a new and interesting way. You should definitely lookout for it on the market.


Water Purifiers

For anyone that lives in a city and not close to any sources of springs, you will know that tap water doesn’t make the cut. It’s harsh and can be extremely unpleasant to try, but it’s not like you can completely cut water out of your diet. A solution that a lot of people have for this is to just use bottled water, but this just doesn’t make the cut. Continuously buying bottled water can be expensive and really detrimental to the environment as you are just creating a vast amount of waste plastic. A new solution for this in the world of tech is water purifiers. One of the most popular types is the Leveluk K8, which is a reasonable alternative to just buying pre-purified water. These fit onto your surfaces comfortably and are a must-have for anyone that is in need of an alternative to your run of the mill tap water.


Cutting devices

For anyone that cooks, you will definitely know that one of the most tedious steps is the cutting process. When you know you have a long line of veg and meats that you have to prepare it can be extremely off-putting and you won’t be as inclined to delve into an evening of cooking. There are thousands of devices on the market that make this process far easier for you. There are some with multiple blades that you can use to cut up a full piece of veg in one go or devices that cut up multiple vegetables at once so that you don’t have to. There are options to meet the needs of anyone that can’t be bothered cutting up their food.  You can get devices that require physical interaction or those that you can just leave to do their own thing.


GeniCan Scanner

This bit of tech is especially genius for anyone that has an extremely busy lifestyle. Once you are done with an item of food, like a bottle of sauce, this device will scan the bottle when you put it in the bin. This will then be added to a list that will be sent to you so that you will know exactly what you need to buy when you next do some shopping. This is one of the most convenient bits of tech of the market at the moment and it comes at an extremely reasonable price.


Advanced Microwaves

For those of you that have a very busy lifestyle, you don’t always have the time to make a full oven made meal. Because of this a lot of people choose the alternative of just popping in a microwave meal bought from the local supermarket, but this isn’t really up to scratch nutrition-wise. There are plenty of new microwaves on the market that can cook some really delicious food without completely ruining the integrity of it, so if you’re someone with little time for eating, you should look into purchasing one.