7 Great Beers to Watch the World Cup

Time was the world cup could only be viewed by those lucky enough to either attend or actually own a TV. And while going down the pub was always an option; it was packed to the rafters. But thanks to the increasingly smart technology you can even watch live football from the comfort of your bed. But whether you are watching alone or hosting a viewing party, you’ll need something to drink. And deciding what beer is best is one of the toughest decisions going. Below are seven great beers to help you narrow down your choices.


Fosters is an Australian classic that is loved the world over. If there is one thing the Australians know, it is good beer, and it is no wonder that Fosters remains so popular. Ever refreshing, affordable and so commonly known you can be sure it will get drunk no matter who is attending your party. If you want something that is both safe yet satisfying, Fosters it the way to go without a doubt.


Denmark is home to one of the worlds most popular beers. Carlsberg. So popular, it has been intricately involved in the world cup phenomenon for years. Being partnered with the Euro league, Carlsberg is a fan favorite for anyone with a passion for the sport. And on top of that, it is refreshing and affordable. You can’t go wrong with this party classic.

Coors Light

Simple and refreshing, Coors Light is the perfect option for those looking to enjoy themselves without getting too wasted. Coors Light works great for an outdoor viewing party in the sun or a more relaxed, casual environment. It emphasizes the refreshment aspect of the alcohol


Any fans of tequila will need to be well-stocked on Desperados. Pounding shots of tequila is a sure-fire way to make sure you miss the World Cup matches. So Desperados gives the best of both worlds. It provides the fantastic taste of tequila with the ease of beer. Throw some lime with it and you’ve really got something.


A classic beer and favorite of many all over the world. It is constantly in the running for the best beer in the world and good reason. It provides the perfect mixture between taste, price and crispness giving it a unique feel unlike any other beer on the market. No matter who is attending your viewing party, these Heinekens are going to get drunk without a doubt.

Blue Moon

Blue moon takes a different approach, putting an emphasis on flavor over the other qualities. That is not to say it disappoints in the other fields, quite the opposite. For those who enjoy a fruiter, fuller on taste with their beer, then Blue Moon is for you. It is a great way to add some variety into your drink selection on match day. And when paired with a fresh orange slice, it works as a brilliant party drink for any atmosphere. So don’t be afraid to branch out.


One of the most well-known drinks around the world. Its distinctive look, texture and history make it a standout in the beer community. And you either love it or you don’t. But it also makes the perfect drink to have in reserve at your party. There is always a Guinness lover around and they will be thankful for it. The rich, hoppy taste and the smooth texture provides one of the most enjoyable drinking experiences out there. You can’t ever go wrong with a good Guinness.