How to Make a Great Cocktail

The basis of making a great cocktail would be choosing the correct cocktail for the situation you are hosting, Themed cocktails are great and lots of fun or maybe if you want a classier night then you can’t go wrong with the classics. Failing that then the fruity cocktails are always a big winner. Once you have decided on what you want to make then it is time to source quality ingredients to make it. The mixer, the alcohol and the extra decorative bits all need to be of a high quality and suitable to be mixed together to ensure the cocktail is enjoyable for your guests. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong going cheaper on the ingredients, you don’t have to break the bank on this.

When a decision has been made and everything has been bought it is time to make the cocktail, presentation is key so start by choosing a nice jug or some fancy glasses and add your alcohol. Ensure you choose the correct ratio of alcohol to mixer and measure accordingly, you don’t want people getting too drunk now do we! Continue to add the mixer and like with the alcohol ensure that you follow your chosen measurements. Mix the cocktail to ensure the taste is even and then begin to add the extra elements such as your fruit, mint leaves, juices, syrups or maybe even a novelty ice cube or two to really get creative. 

Add some straws and a baby umbrella to the glass for a finishing touch and all that’s left to do is taste. A brilliant cocktail is a great way to break the ice or get the party started at any social event and done correctly you are able to play the perfect host.