Perfect Recipes For Catering Your Minecraft LAN Party

If you are someone that regularly games, something that you have probably noticed is that the world has once again rekindled its love with Minecraft. If you are someone that was brought up in the 2000s, then Minecraft was likely a big part of your life.

Everyone played Minecraft back then and it was arguably one of the most popular games out there. Minecraft kind of fell out of popularity for some time there and then in the last couple of years, it has had a brilliant comeback.

Now even adults are playing the game so that they can have a taste of nostalgia from when they played when they were younger. If you can relate to this, then it is likely that you have been back on the game recently with friends. Now that we can see our friends, a great night that you can plan is having a LAN party where all of your friends can play the game and enjoy playing.

If you are going to host a LAN party, you are going to have to provide some food for your friends. This is because LAN parties tend to last for a good few hours and so your friends are all bound to get hungry.

If you are playing Minecraft, then why not serve some meals inspired by the game? Here are some perfect recipes for catering your Minecraft LAN party.

Pigs in Blankets

If you are going to play some of the classic Minecraft game modes, then it is likely that you are going to play on a Minecraft bedwars server during your LAN party. This is a classic game that a lot of people played back when Minecraft was at its most popular and it is a great game to play with a group of people.

A great interpretation that you can make of the game mode is pigs in blankets that can represent the beds in the game. This is not an incredibly literal interpretation of the game and absolutely everyone loves pigs in blankets, which means that they are bound to be a hit with all of your guests throughout the LAN party.


A big part of the Minecraft game is the delicious cake that pops up throughout the game. For all of your big Minecraft fans out there, you probably remember spending countless hours trying to find the ingredients so that you could make the game’s iconic cake that gave you a bunch of health.

The cake itself will be very easy to replicate and it will make for a great sweet treat when you are playing the game. All that you need is a very basic sponge cake and some pink icing. If you look up a picture of what the cake looks like, then you will quickly realize just how easy it is to replicate the look of the cake.

All of your friends will be incredibly impressed and it will be minimal work on your behalf.

A Selection of Meats

Something that you will know from the experience of playing your game is that you mostly live on meat throughout the game. When you are first starting off, the easiest form of food that you can find is the animals that are walking around the map and so we all tend to end up with stacks of beef and chicken.

Make a plate full of various meats and cheeses that your guests can help themselves to. If you put some crackers and bread alongside the meat board, then your guests will be able to construct their own small crackers and sandwiches.