The Complete Guide to Hosting a World Cup BBQ

The highlight of the year for many people, the World Cup holds a special place in many of our hearts and for good reason. There is no better feeling than supporting your country in one of its most popular sports, football. A sport famous all around the world and for good reason, nothing brings the family and the country together quite like football and the world cup is the pinnacle of all football tournaments. Only taking place once every four years, it’s easy to see why watching the World Cup has become less of a pastime and more of an event for people all over the world. So, if you’re in charge of running the party for the next world cup. Here is the complete guide to hosting the perfect World Cup BBQ.

World Cup Barbecue

The Perfect Snacks

When deciding on the perfect snacks for a World Cup BBQ, you can never go wrong with the basics. The important thing is that you have something for everyone. Make sure you have vegan and vegetarian options available too, so nobody winds up feeling left our or hungry. Staples like loaded nachos, pretzels, chocolates and a wide array of fruits and vegetables are a great way to keep everybody fed and happy without breaking the bank. You can also look into recipes for some delicious finger foods online and buy little party foods like cocktail sausages and sausage rolls to make sure everybody is kept happy.


Whilst the game is on, depending on who you have round, it’s probably best to have the alcohol stacked and ready to go. To help make sure everybody is kept happy, it’s probably best to have a selection for people to choose from. The most common choice would be cans of beer and cheaper bottles of wine, but other popular alcoholic drinks like cider and margaritas will help make sure everybody is having a good time. It may be worth making a bowl of clearly labelled alcoholic and non-alcoholic punch so if people want to drink or just want refreshments, they can. It’s probably wise to avoid pure spirits to avoid anybody accidentally getting a bit ‘too’ drunk.

The TV

To ensure your World Cup BBQ runs as smoothly as possible, it’s important to make sure your TV is wired well in advance to stream the game. Look around to see which networks are streaming the game in the highest quality. If you’re wanting to keep the game beside you whilst you’re manning the grill then you can be sure to check it out online with sites like VIETVI, designed for watching all kinds of football matches. As long as you have the TV set up and the volume up, you should be all set for having an awesome viewing party. Bonus points if you can set your TV up to be seen from the back garden. Just be sure to keep it inside or covered in case it unexpectedly begins to rain.


To really set your viewing BBQ above the rest, it may be worth investing in some off the chart decorations. Just deciding on what team you’re supporting and buy a range of decorations with the teams’ colors to show your support. You could even take it one step further and ask all the guests to come to the BBQ dressed in the team’s colors for added patriotism. It will help turn the BBQ into more of a fun occasion and will create a stronger sense of comradery among the guests. Things like banners, balloons or garlands all with the color of your chosen team will help set the scene and make everybody excited to be there and ready to support their team.


For the main event, it’s important you re familiarize yourself with your barbecue. You may think you’re the grill master, but there would be nothing worse than accidentally burning off your eyebrows in front of all your guests as you try to remember how to relight it. To help have a successful BBQ, it’s important to have a wide range of meats, vegetables and other foods available. By ensuring there’s something for everybody, people will see you as an excellent host and will be far more likely to attend any BBQs or events you host in the future!