The Dinner Review: The Best Restraunts in New Jersey

New Jersey is known for its exceptional fast food options, producing some of the best quality food that America has to offer. However, it’s not just fast food that New Jersey has made its mark on, they also have hundreds of excellent restaurants that can cater to any taste buds. With so many options, finding the best restaurant to eat in can be an extremely overwhelming process. We are more than aware of this and have found ourselves having trouble picking out the best spot to eat in on many occasions. Due to this fact, we have carefully considered which restaurants are the best right now and have put together a list of our favorites in the area, to save you some time on deliberation.


Chez Catherine

Now, this isn’t the kind of restaurant that you eat every night, due to its higher price tag, but it is one that we recommend that you definitely check out. This is one of the most unique restaurants in the area as it offers french cuisine which can be difficult to locate in the city. What is great about this restaurant is that you also get quite a bit of food for what you pay, which is never really the case for some of the fancier restaurants on the market right now, so if you want somewhere a little different to check out make sure you check out what Chez has to offer.



If you are someone that loves good hearty Italian food at a more than reasonable price, you definitely need to take a look at Paisanos. Paisanos gives you what a lot of restaurants can’t right now, which is family-style food in a more high-class environment. Just because it’s one of those occasions where you want to be a little higher class, does not mean you have to subject yourself to the food you simply won’t enjoy. On top of offering fantastic food, Paisanos proudly boasts fantastic hygiene ratings and regularly gets pest control checks from permakillexterminating, so you know that any food that you enjoy from this establishment will also leave you with a clean bill of health. We all know that trying new places can be an anxious process due to the uncertainty of whether or not the new place will make you unwell, but that is not an issue with this restaurant.


Stage Left Steak

If you’re not the kind of person that cares about eating fancy food at fancy venues, then you are going to love Stage Left Steak. Stage Left Steak offers all of the brilliant classic American food that we all love, like burgers and fries. They don’t just sell plain old burgers, but new and amazing creations that are bound to appeal to your taste buds. If you want a big meal at a low price then you should definitely take a trip to Stage Left Steak.  You may be wondering what separates Stage Left Steak from every other American diner right now, and the answer to that is its amazing atmosphere.


La Hacienda

One kind of food that you, unfortunately, don’t see much of in New Jersey these days is classic Mexican food. That was the case until the opening of La Hacienda. La Hacienda serves quality Mexican cuisine in a family-type serving style, which makes it fantastic for anyone who loves going out to eat with their loved ones. La Hacienda makes eating your dinner a family fun event, what’s not to love about that? Plus all of the food is delicious and is served in more than generous portions, which means that you are definitely getting your money’s worth.