The Tastiest Green Smoothie in the World

The use of smoothies can be key in gaining all your daily vegetable and nutritional needs in one hit. Not only can smoothies be extremely healthy, but also very tasty. So, if you want to create a lovely green smoothie simply follow these tips.

It is important that your green smoothie has a healthy kick so look no further than kale which is the new trendy superfood, providing low fat, potassium, iron, protein, vitamins A, B6, and C, and high levels of calcium, kale is an essential part of any green smoothie. To balance out the flavour a bit parsley is a key ingredient, try keep this ingredient a bit lower as the flavour is very intense, so one cup should be perfect. A green that is perfect for both your flavour and health needs is spinach, providing you with calcium, fibre and protein, this green also comes with a refreshing punch. The final ingredient is a bit different, but you should give Bok Choy a try in your smoothie, still extremely healthy it will also provide you with an almost fruity punch balancing out the veggie elements of your smoothie.

These four greens will be perfect for the tastiest and healthiest smoothie in the world.


Kale- 4 cups

Parsley- 1 cup

Spinach- 2 cups

Bok Choy- 2 cups