Which 5 foods cost so much that most people can’t afford them?

Food should be a source for survival, but as the wealth gap widens some food is becoming unattainable for some in society. After reading this passage you will definitely be checking the xsmt lottery results in hopes that you too could be eating these foods someday.


Less of a food and more of spice saffron is derived from the crocus savitus plant. The plant is so rare that it has made the price of saffron completely extortionate, with 25g coming in at $75.


One of the most iconic pricy foods is caviar. Some of the worlds finest caviar can fetch as much as over 1000 dollars. What makes this caviar so expensive though? It is a simple case of supply and demand as caviar can only be grown in a set few locations; meaning this is a food only a lucky portion of the world can enjoy.


The high price of Oysters is an unfortunate side effect of human design. Due to overfishing, the oyster population has completely dwindled. Like with caviar this case of supply and demand which has completely skewed the price of oysters.

White truffle

White truffle is perhaps less known but it is ridiculously expensive with 1g of white truffle coming in for as much as $32. Like Saffron White Truffle is traditionally a garnish. White truffle is most commonly found in the north regions of Italy. With many dedicated local Italians sourcing the truffle with the help of pigs; who are unusually attracted to the garnish.

Wagyu beef

Wagyu beef is one of the most expensive meats on the planet hailing from Japan; the meat can genuinely cost as much as 1000 dollars a plate. The beefs price is due to the gruelling mating process to produce the meat, taking decades in some extreme cases.