3 Quick Meals for Life On the Go!

I lead an extremely busy life, as most people these days seem to. And because of that I hardly have time to cook properly. Eventually, my friends show me a review of the west bend microwave and suggested I start doing a lot more quick cooking. I assumed this would lead to me only eating unhealthy junk food. But he showed me some simple meals I can make that give me plenty of energy to tackle the day.

So here are 3 Quick Meals for anyone that just doesn’t have the time in their day to cook properly.



A simple and effective dish. Most people think it is unhealthy, but that is only the cheap packeted ramen you can buy for 99 cents. If you get some proper ramen noodles, fry an egg, and cut up some veg, you can make a fantastic ramen dish in your microwave that will fuel you for the day.


Feta Salad

Simple and healthy. All you need for this is some feta and whatever you want to include in the salad. To really kickstart your day we suggest you cut up some protein and fry it up in a small frying pan. That way you are combining your main into the salad as well. Not to mention you can make a larger bowl of this and use it as a meal for a few days.



The ultimate easy. Nothing beats a hearty pasta. Just boil it up and stir up your sauce and you are good to go. But for some extra flavor, we recommend maybe frying up some mushrooms or even chopping up some halloumi. Not the usual ingredients to go with pasta but trust you, you won’t be disappointed.