Why You should be More Aware of What you Eat and Drink

In recent years there has been a huge level of importance being placed onto health particularly what is good and bad for you in terms of food and drink. There are a lot of opinions out there commenting on what you should be putting into your body in order to have a healthy body and lifestyle. There is much to be said about which foods are good for you but the basics are that homemade, fresh, balanced meals are better than the processed options that are so readily available in the supermarkets.


Leading a truly healthy lifestyle is not only good for your health and body but it also has a strong impact on mental health, as the popular saying goes – a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. However, with all of the benefits that a healthy lifestyle brings it can be hard to know how to get started, you really should take the time to seriously look at the meals you and your family are eating and look for areas that need improvement. Of course with the extremely busy lifestyles, many modern families face it can be easy to go for convenience foods, but with proper meal planning and prior meal preparation, you should be able to easily implement healthy meals.


Below are some pointers and things to think about that can really help to improve your health :



It is said that on average only 40 percent of households drink the recommended two liters of water a day, drinking water not only prevents dehydration but has other health benefits too. Dehydration is a leading cause of migraines and general illness all over your body, ensuring you drink water regularly throughout the day is beneficial to your skin and a hydrated body is definitely much more desirable compared to a dehydrated one.


Drinking plenty of water is fundamental to leading a healthy lifestyle, you shouldn’t be drinking excessive amounts of fizzy drinks or alcohol as they contain a whole range of chemicals and preservatives that are not the greatest for your body if drunk in excess, unhealthy options are fine but in moderation. A great idea to encourage your family or co-workers to drink more water would be to invest in a water cooler or filtration system, having a system like this where fresh cool water is available will encourage more people to drink it. A Kangen water filter is an affordable model currently on the market which could really help in terms of your health.


Balanced Diet

Of course, drinking water is important for the body, but what you eat and what you choose to fuel your body with on a daily basis is just as important in ensuring you are as healthy as possible. You may remember this from your time in education but the healthiest meals consist of a balance between protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, dairy and fatty foods. Getting a good mix of all the food groups allows your body to function at the optimal level as it is getting all of the vitamins and minerals it needs. Eating properly is essential to prolonging your body’s health, as well as ensuring you have a good balance of all the food groups you must ensure you fuel your body regularly throughout the day. You should be eating three meals a day starting with breakfast, a dinnertime meal and then your dinner in the evening. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, particularly for children as it sets them up and provides energy.


Meal Prep

As previously mentioned a common reason why people are not leading healthy lifestyles is that they simply don’t have the time. Everyone seems to be busy, whether it be with work or family but, you should put as much effort as you can to improve what you and your loved ones are eating. A great way to do this is to use your free time to plan what you are going to eat the next week, find recipes online, and list the ingredients you are going to need. I would recommend spending a day cooking up a few meals and freezing individual portions.


The ingredients you use when cooking your meals make all the difference, using fresh produce not only tastes better but it is also much better for your body. Using frozen or preserved ingredients may be more convenient but like all processed food it contains additives that are not very healthy. Overall, the sooner you begin to take time and put effort into what you put into your body then the sooner you will see and feel the huge health benefits it has, a key point to remember is that as long as you have the bad things in moderation you will be fine.