The Best Watches for Chefs in 2020

Being a chef in a professional kitchen is an extremely high stress, fast-paced job, and one that you want to be very prepared for. This means not only having the skills and knowledge needed to handle it and cook to the best of your ability but also the right personal equipment, such as watches, to keep things on track. It is important to make sure any watch you wear as a chef is suitably made to be able to handle the heat of the kitchen as well as any possible splashes that may happen. If you are a chef looking for a high-quality watch that will survive the intensity of a professional kitchen, then here is a list of some of the best watches for chefs in 2020, some of which are worn by professional and famous chefs from around the world, so you know they must be good.

 Rolex GMT Master II

This stainless steel, silver-toned watch is perfect for handling the heat of the kitchen. It also has scratch-resistant glass and is water-resistant up to 100 meters, meaning you can put your hands in water without worry if you need to watch some dishes.

Galle watches

These watches, whilst expensive, are perfect for work in a professional kitchen. Galle provides a great choice of styles that have leather bands, you don’t need to worry about getting it scratched. Plus, the leather straps also make them very comfortable, meaning you won’t be constantly adjusting it throughout the working day.

Rolex Submariner Date

The watch of famous chef Gordon Ramsey, is one that is not only scratch-resistant but also has luminous hands and hour markers that are easy to see but is also water-resistant up to 300 meters. Wearing this watch, you need have no fear of being called an idiot sandwich.