The Health Benefits of Drinking More Water

It seems to be an idea that is forgotten in the modern age that water is an essential part of any healthy diet, when we feed our pets we never give them food and Coca Cola or Pepsi, it is always water. It is natural to our survival to consume water and an uptake in drinking said water can see a number of health benefits.

As I mentioned in the introduction water is a necessity in our survival, therefore if you drink more water you will see an improvement in both physical and mental performance. It has been shown that athletes lose up to six to ten percent of their body water when exercising, knowing that only a loss of two percent can have a significant effect on your physical performance, it should be seen as incredibly important to stay extremely hydrated during exercise. As even this loss of two percent can lead to reduced motivation and increased fatigue making water vital in any workout. Your brain is also highly reliant on hydration levels, as mentioned before a loss of two percent in water levels will affect your motivation and fatigue, but it will also affect your memory and overall cognition. This shows high water levels are an essential factor in performing to your highest abilities.

Water has been shown to be a major factor in two bodily functions helping in both your kidney and bowel. In your kidney it has been shown that water will help stop the formation of kidney stones, as kidney stones are clumps of crystal that will form when not enough fluid passes through, causing pain when urinating, so a higher fluid intake leads to a higher level of fluid passing through. This should not be any fluid though if your body increases its intake of water, these crystals will have a harder task in sticking together, as it passes through your body at a much faster speed, water has also been shown to help in battling fat kidneys as they will have to work harder, water is truly a super drug for your kidneys. In bowel movements it has been shown to help combat constipation, as your body intakes more water your bowels should become looser as you hold an abundance of water levels.

Water has also been shown to be key in weight loss, though water cutting is often a practice used by fighters and extreme dieters for speedy weight loss it is actually better for you in the long run to drink more water. This is because water will boost your metabolism which is key in breaking down food and calories, as studies have shown drinking two litres of water a day can increase your calorie expenditure by up to nighty six every day.

It has been shown here that water is key in living a healthy life increasing both mental and physical performance, helping bodily functions and helping you lose weight. Water is needed if you want to live life to the fullest.