How to Bake a Healthy Gluten Free Apple Pie

Everybody loves an apple pie – a staple in American and British deserts but not everyone can consume gluten, so why should they miss out on this delicious desert.

  1. For the filling, put a quarter cup of sugar, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of tapioca flour in a bowl. The tapioca flour is vital as this is what makes it gluten free over normal flour. Mix these ingredients together.
  2. Slice up seven to eight apples then put in the bowl and mix again.
  3. Take a pan or a circular baking tray and wrap dough around it, try keep some overhang so you can crimp the apples when they’re in the pan
  4. Pour the filling into the pan then wrap the top with more dough, then fold over the edge to connect the bottom dough and the top dough. You can unleash your creativity and decorate the edges.
  5. Give the pie vent by using a knife to puncture holes around it then brush almond milk on the top and if you like, sprinkle with sugar for a sweeter taste.
  6. Put the pie into the oven for around two hours at 200 degrees for fan assisted ovens/220 for non-fan assisted ovens.
  7. Take out the pie and enjoy!

That’s how you make a healthy gluten free apple pie, reduce sugar usage to make it healthier and remember not to use normal flour. Also, you can be decorative with the pie, using a knife to create patterns on the top if you’d like.