4 Smoothies for Detoxing Your Body

Every now and again we all experience that feeling of your body not quite being up to scratch. Many things can cause this like: little sleep, poor health, poor eating or even helping yourself to a couple of alcoholic drinks. We have the perfect solution to detox your body and get you feeling better than ever, with 4 Detoxing Smoothies.


Banana shake

Bananas are rich in potassium and fantastic for your body, plus they taste great. Mixed with some fresh Greek yogurt, of any flavor, banana smoothies  can be really beneficial to your health. We recommend that you use these Smoothies as a meal replacement as they can be incredibly filling. This means you are only putting good stuff into your body. Mix in some other fruits like apple and you have a good source of sugar that will give you a much needed energy boost to get you through the day.


Beetroot smoothie

Beetroot is rich in iron and much needed vitamin C. A beetroot smoothie is rich in minerals and is sure to revitalize your body and make you feel ready to take on anything. On top of this, beetroot tastes surprisingly delicious so it won’t even feel like you’re drinking anything healthy.



This smoothie is full of omega 3 fatty acids that boost your body and give you energy. This is a popular choice among those who do strenuous activities such as yoga, Spinach is easily accessible and if you don’t have the tools to make your own, you can find it at many local smoothie places.



Pineapple Smoothies are fantastic for achieving the perfect detox.  Pineapple Smoothies are great for flushing out any unwanted toxins and can help lessen the look of bloating, which is always a benefit. Pineapple Smoothies are also great with additional lemon, as that others some antioxidants.