The Secret to a Perfect Poached Salmon

Salmon could be the tastiest fish in the entire ocean, and when it’s poached right, it’s arguably the tastiest dish in the world. This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but a perfectly poached salmon is seriously hard to beat when it comes to seafood. Poaching is also one of the easiest ways to cook salmon, and it doesn’t make you lose the integrity of the fish if you do it properly. With a little bit of seasoning and an olive oil dressing you really can’t go wrong with poached salmon. However, if you’re serious about cooking the perfect salmon you do need to have the right cooking equipment. Therefore, if you’re getting new equipment for this dish make sure you look at different pots and frying pans before you buy anything.

How to Cook it

1. Prepare your Salmon Fillet

The best way to poach a salmon is to have it pin boned, however its completely up to if you want to leave the skin on or take it off. A good sized portion for one person is about 180g, or 6½ oz.

2. Choose Poaching Liquid

For the ideal poached salmon dish use a court-bouillon for the poaching liquid, which is made up of water with 1 onion, 2 carrots, 1 bay leaf, some peppercorns and a dash of white wine. You may also add chicken stock or vegetable stock for some added flavor.

3. Choose Aromatics

Citrus flavors, namely lemon and lime, go perfect with salmon. You can also add some herbs like thyme, parsley or fennel.

If you decide to add stocks, it might be good to add some ginger or lemongrass as well.

Another great combo is star anis, tamari soy sauce and a splash of mirin.

4. Heat the Poaching Liquid and Aromatics for 5 Minutes

This of course is done to infuse the flavors into the liquid.

5. Add the Salmon

In order to get the perfect salmon you should ensure the temperature remains just below boiling, at around 203 degrees. You should also ensure the salmon fully immerses into the stock.

6. Cook the Salmon

Depending on your preference, poach the salmon for between 8 and 10 minutes if you’re using a stove top. If you’re using an oven, poach for roughly 15 minutes at 200 C.

7. Serve

Remove the salmon from the oven or stove top and serve. It may be a good idea to add a side of broccoli or your choice of green veg.