How to Cure a Hangover with Natural Smoothies

There is no denying that hangovers are killer, we’ve all been there – one too many rounds of the drinking game never have i ever┬áthere’s nothing worse than having a banging headache, being dehydrated and just physically exhausted from the night before however, there are certain things that can help relieve that feeling of dread and everyone seems to have their own little remedies. Whether it be a bottle of lucozade, a fry up or just a good old glass of water there are ways to combat the symptoms of a bad hangover, some people may choose to remedy their hangovers using healthy natural smoothies to provide a little boost on the morning after the night before. Here’s some pointers on how to make a natural smoothie to cure those dreaded hangovers naturally and away from all those medications and artificial foods and drinks that we have become so reliant upon.


  • The first thing I would do is decide which symptoms your body is showing, you’re going to want to combat the symptoms that are giving you the hardest time first for example dehydration comes with a hangover we all know that but, that dehydration also causes piercing headaches, to combat this your going to want something with a lot of liquid that is going to hydrate you back to health such as oranges or apples that have a lot of juice which contain a range of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C that will also give you a little energy boost.


  • Once you’ve selected your juice base to re-hydrate your body its time to get some extra vitamins and minerals packed in there, adding things like berries and other seeded fruits are a great way of achieving a higher nutritional value with your smoothie. Seeded fruits contain a variety of great things like vitamin A, C and D, fiber, natural sugars which contributes to re building your immune system and getting rid of that hangover, they also make the smoothie taste great.


  • For fatigue and exhaustion this is down to your serotonin levels being lowered by your drinking. It is important to re increase this by adding sugar back into your body however, it is a great misconception that you have to do this through things like fizzy drinks and in fact the majority of fruits contain natural sugars that work the exact same way as an unhealthy fizzy drink. High sugar content fruits include things like apples, pineapple, strawberries, bananas and kiwi fruit. These are all great options when it comes to making a natural smoothie to cure your hangover as your body serotonin levels are increased and thanks to the glucose in the natural sugars you may also feel a slight buzz thanks to the sugar rush.


  • Making your own smoothie may not seem an easy task but if you are prepared and make it the night before you can keep it refrigerated for maximum refreshment and convenience. If this still seems like too much work for you then not to worry there are some really great 100% natural smoothies out on the market, stocked in many supermarkets and health stores such as Holland and Barrets for quite a reasonable price. If you are worried about the legitimacy of the claim that a mass produced smoothie can be natural then don’t be , there is now a range of natural only smoothie brands around now such as innocent. Innocent is a brand that prides itself on the fact that use naturally pressed fruits without interference from chemicals and preservatives, if you are looking to make a change away from using highly preserved products then this would be a great choice for you.


  • Overall, I would argue that using a natural smoothie is a great way to cure a hangover especially if you wish to become less reliant on medications and chemically drinks, then this would be a great way of achieving it. There is a lot of misconception around how reliable these natural vitamins are but with the proper research you can find out what you need and where you can get it from in order to create a personal tailor made remedy for those dreaded hangovers.