How to Properly Prepare Foraged Wild Mushrooms

One of the best parts of wilderness camping is finding your own dinner. Nothing brings you closer to nature and our ancient ancestors than living off the land. Whether it be foraging, fishing, or trapping, you will truly become one with the world.

But thanks to generations of processed and cooked food, our bodies have evolved in different ways than our ancestors. To put it bluntly, we are much weaker than our ancient relatives. And not just physically weaker.

Our stomachs are terrible compared to theirs. Gone are the days of being able to eat any berry we come across. Now, we run a big risk of being poisoned. And this is especially true for mushrooms.

But wild mushrooms are plentiful and can be a filling and nutritious wild camping meal. Provided, of course, the type you have found is non-toxic and actually edible. So make sure you know your mushrooms before you venture out.

We have teamed up with to find out how to properly prepare wild mushrooms.



The first thing you need to do is wash the mushrooms. This is vital. In the wild, you have no idea what could have come into contact with the plant. This means it could be covered in animal fecal matter or other toxic substances. So you will want to soak them in saltwater first. This will clean all the mushrooms, including the small crevices.

Next, you will want to cut off the stems as well, depending on the type of mushroom you have found.



Cooking the mushrooms is the easy part. But make sure you are cooking them over a roaring fire or on a powerful hot plate. You will want enough heat to make sure any remaining bacteria are killed and they are cooked through completely. Partly to ensure you get all the flavor, but also to ensure your safety.