The Most Influential Cooking Shows of Our Generation Ranked!

For some odd reason, our generation of viewers is completely infatuated with cooking shows. We long for the disapproving ‘tsk’ of a disapproving judge and we all mourned when Dianne took Ian’s baked Alaska out of the freezer. There is something really alluring about the world of cooking shows that keep us all going back for more, but what are the most influential cooking shows of our generation?


Top Chef

Everybody loves Top Chef. Since 2006 it has been gracing everyone’s screen with frantic cooking and chefs with odd personalities. Top chef is much more than just the cooking- it’s the drama. Some pretty outrageous stuff has happened on Top chef, including the removal of a chef after he attempted to shave the head of another chef.  The cooking aspect of the show is also extremely entertaining, as recurring tasks such as the ‘restaurant task’ really riles up the competition and shows the viewers just how stressful working in a cooking environment can be. The judges also really make this show pop, as they don’t hold back if they don’t like something. Even the sweet hostess, Padma, is known to tell the chefs how it is and all of the guest judges are thriving in their own sector and so offer intense critique. If you haven’t watched the show yet, what’s stopping you? All seasons are available online right now so if you’re looking for something to binge, jump in.


Hell’s Kitchen

Arguably one of the most famous cooking shows out there is Hell’s Kitchen. This show has been on our televisions for over a decade and is probably so adored because of its host, Gordon Ramsay. Gordon is known in the industry for really not holding back. If he is on the screen there is no chance of the kitchen being quiet, as he often screams and berates the chefs that he works with. It’s a surprise that his show has been able to stay on the air and it is definitely not something that you should watch with children in the room.


It’s not just Gordon’s abrasive attitude that makes people come back for more, but the challenges are also excellent. Though the challenges are excellent, what is even more excellent are the consequences of failing a challenge. If a team fails, they could be forced to do a long line of disgusting activities. One of the most famous of which is chefs being forced to drink a clam milkshake. Hell’s Kitchen is just good entertainment, and if you haven’t watched it, what are you playing at?


Sugar Rush

Away from the stress of intense kitchens and sweaty chefs comes the joy that is Sugar Rush. This is a baking show that is far calmer than some of the other cooking shows available to watch and consists of four teams battling for a one hundred thousand dollar cash prize. Each team has its own personality and can be seen wearing a funky t-shirt or funny aprons that really show off what their bakery is about.  The best part about this show is that each group is competing with bank time for the final round and so there is often a lot of rushing that leads to some very funny disasters.


Each episode has a unique theme and a pantry filled with weird ingredients that they are forced to use, this usually results in weird concoctions like mint and bacon, that somehow win the judges over. There are three seasons of the show available on Netflix right now that are ready to be binged.





Great British Bake Off

No matter where you are located in the world, you are bound to find a Great British Bake Off fan. It is one of the most charming cooking shows that is available to watch and it has won the heart of the entire world. It is full of classic British humor, along with incredibly difficult challenges and dramatic scenes. Custard has been stolen, cakes have toppled over, this show is fantastic.  The hosts also bring a great deal of charm to the show, especially Mary Berry who is the heart of Great British Bake Off.